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Nutritious Meals

 Information on Food for Tots
At LFBD, we pride ourselves on giving your children food of the highest quality. A well nourished child is able to focus on learning, communicating, sensory stimulus, and social interaction.

Food for Tots is leading catering company that provides healthy, delicious, child-friendly meals and snacks. Their caring, experienced staff are passionate about providing great food and service. Their meals reflect their "healthylicious" philosophy, which combines excellent nutrition with flavours and foods which children love.

Each menu is dietician approved, and based on Canada Food Guide and Day Nurseries Act guidelines. Our four-week menus are rotated seasonally, ensuring a healthy variety to keep the children interested and eating.

Your child will receive morning and afternoon snacks, a hot lunch, and beverages, prepared by Food for Tots' executive and in-house chefs. Portions are sized to meet the daily nutritional requirements for your child according to which age group he or she is in.

Dietary Needs, Restrictions, and Substitutions

If your child has special dietary needs, food allergies, or other restrictions, we will ensure these are accommodated. Meals with special requirements are tagged with your child's name and our staff monitor the children carefully at lunch and snack times. Please contact us for further information on our ability to accommodate your child's dietary needs.

Please see our Menu Plans for a sample of what your child can expect.