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I thought you and your friends might like to know about Little Feet Big Dreams, Oakville's newest childcare center.

They have an amazing new facility with large classrooms, huge outdoor playground, indoor gym, plus meals and snacks are made from whole organic foods. It's a really fantastic center!

All further details are below, but if you have any questions or would like a tour, please contact Rahneida Purcell on 905-829-9393.

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Little Feet Big Dreams - Oakville Quality Childcare

Little Feet Big Dreams...
Your children deserve the best!

The staff at Little Feet Big Dreams ensure your children will experience a nurturing and caring environment!

About their brand new facility and top notch program:

The facility they’ve carefully chosen provides every single feature that you and your children could possibly want in a childcare center:

  • Fantastic, large classrooms with plenty of windows, space and color.  It’s a home away from home for your children!

  • Huge playground with real grass!

  • Indoor Gymnasium - with 6,000 square feet, it provides an unmatched inclement weather program.  They incorporate a variety of great age appropriate activities like yoga and relay races as well as organized sports like hockey, basketball, ride on toys, just to name a few.

  • Organic meals and snacks made with 100% natural ingredients, free of tans-fats, artificial coloring and artificial preservatives.  

  • Play-based programs where children are encouraged to ‘learn by doing’. Using the High Scope Philosophy, they continuously develop program plans to reflect your child’s interests so they can learn through play.

  • They communicate constantly with parents, including updates and photos emailed during the day.  Parents also appreciate the daily footnotes we prepare that details their experiences and what activities they participated in.

  • Caring, qualified staff - with a low turnover, Little Feet Big Dreams staff team are an extension of the family - and it shows!

  • Small group sizes and low staff ratios mean lots of individual attention for your children!

  • They now offer the French language. Every Wednesday is dedicated to French Programming - not only do children love it, but parents are impressed at how quickly their children are picking up a new language too.

  • The center owner is also a hands-on teacher. Rahneida Purcell is dedicated to offering quality programming at affordable rates. To help keep fees low, she is a full participant in the day to day operation.

2300 Sheridan Garden Drive, Oakville

Look for the new church at Ford Drive and Sheridan Garden Drive.  We are not affiliated with the church, but we occupy a huge private area within the building.
There’s lots of free parking and easy access to the facility.

"We look forward to the opportunity to help your children grow and achieve their dreams!"

Rahneida Purcell

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."
- Stacia Tauscher